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Creative Huddle

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Suitable for: Retrospective / Wash up, Creativity & innovation, Company culture and connectedness, Facilitation Mc Or Workshop Hosting, Emotional intelligence and empathy, Intrinsic Motivation And Purpose, Remote org. design & culture, Future of Work
Sectors: Pharma, FMGC, Arts / Creative, Automotive, Biotech, Construction, Energy
Available mode: Group, In-person

About the service

We’ve designed and run hundreds of meetings​,​ workshops​,​ brainstorms​,​ focus groups​,​ strategy offsites​,​ team building events and conferences. We use group dynamics​,​ design thinking and brilliant facilitation to help your people collaborate on their best work. Why do our workshops work? ‍The informality of our workshops enables participants to relax​,​ express themselves freely and find common ground with others. This lends itself perfectly to ideation and team-building by encouraging positive interactions and idea sharing. The flip chart and post-it-note approach​,​ when used well​,​ can be highly transformative. Participants make creative leaps and imagine the future​,​ leading to breakthroughs and lightbulb moments. Tools & techniques enable participants to explore and experiment with new concepts​,​ and collaborate with a diverse group of colleagues with a wide range of strengths and styles. Regrouping at a Creative Huddle session has multiple advantages: - Clarify purpose and strategy - Consider common and individual goals - Encourage curiosity and aid skill sharing and support between colleagues - Create a safe environment that promotes idea-sharing and co-creation - Optimise impact and efficiency

Customer testimonials

Emma Barnes, HR Manager, Dr. Sauer & Partners

The workshop was excellent and allowed our team to really think about its priorities and common shared goals. There were some excellent tasks and exercises in the session and a right balance of group work and discussions.

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